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LA SkyWatch Grass Roots Meeting

When: June 16, 2018 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Thank you Robert Babish for your May presentation at Los Angeles SkyWatch. Robert presented a convincing explanation of how 6,000 water evaporator sites in this country alone are the new delivery system for chemtrails and the overcast weather that has plagued our Southern California morning skies until a week ago!

This month’s meeting is all about being an Activist. All of us – ALL of us are aware of so many of the chemical, biological, electrical and spiritual attacks that we’re under daily, and now, ALL of us are seeing that these attacks are being escalated. So many of us are asking: What can I do? Will I make a difference? Is it worth it?

This Saturday, John Knox will be talking about his trips to two Activist events, and what he’s learned about being an Activist. First, John went to the 3rd Annual Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering in Tucson, where he was the Opening speaker for that event. Among the other speakers there were Clifford Carnicom, Matt Landman, Patrick Roddie and Elana Freeland. And in Tucson, John met Chris Haskell, an Activist who’s facing 25 years in prison for posting Anti-geoengineering signs. John will tell us why Chris should and will be helped.

After Tucson, John traveled to the Dawn4Us event in Santa Rosa, where he shared speaking duties with Jamie Lee and Deborah Tavares. He’ll tell us what it was like to see Coffee Park, one of the sites burned in the DEW-caused fires that started last Oct. 8th.

At the Santa Rosa event, a new web site and service was announced: It’s a beta site that Jamie Lee, who publishes the YouTube channel is starting up. Dawn4Us is meant to help Activists with ALL their needs from signs, flyers and banners, to current news that’s updated daily, to information on handling the health and fitness issues that all of us are faced with. Dawn4Us is being designed to build a forum for Activists who’re looking for information, for help and, most importantly for community.

After John speaks, we’ll Skype with Jamie Lee! Those who’ve heard him know that Jamie’s quick wit, and his incisive observations make for an excellent viewing. AND, Jamie wants to answer as many questions as we have on Saturday, after he speaks about Chris Haskell and the dire situation Chris is facing.

We’re going to do video interviews after Jamie speaks, as the start of a six week long, multi-city tour that John will be doing, to help keep Chris Haskell free.

Come on over to the UnUrban Coffee Housethis Saturday and be with your fellow Activists for a landmark meeting. It’s time for all of to step up our game.

As always, please buy food and drinks from the UnUrban, to thank Pam for her continued support for LA SkyWatch and our events. Pam serves the cleanest food and snacks [many organic] and we are VERY lucky to have this venue so please, help her out!

See you Saturday!

June 16, 2018
2pm – 4:30pm

UnUrban Coffee House
3301 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 315-0056