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LA SkyWatch Meeting Saturday in Santa Monica

When: February 17, 2018 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Yes, Los Angles Skywatch will hold our usual 3rd Saturday of the Month Meeting this coming Saturday, Feb. 17th.

We’re working right now on Skyping with Austin Bennett who is running for CA State Senator. Austin has chosen to make the exposure of and discussion about the problems of chemtrails and vaccinations as two major planks of his candidacy. He’s already spoken frankly about these issues on the steps of the Capital in Sacramento, in media interviews and ‘Live’ on his Facebook page. His website is: We hope his schedule will permit time for our Skype.

SkyWatch just sponsored Elana Freeland for 3 evening presentations last week in the LA area. Elana brought audiences more information from her new book Under an Ionized Sky: from Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. We made a video of Elana’s presentation to a packed room of over 80 people last Saturday at the Peace Center in Culver City and we also did a ‘Live’ Facebook feed of that evening. We hope to have the video of that evening up on YouTube by Friday. Many Thanks to Frank Dorrel and to Paulette Navarro for making that evening a success!

This coming Saturday, we’ll have our Sharing portion of the meeting first, where we encourage members to talk about recent experiences with chemtrails [or other concerns] and the solutions they’ve found to coping with them. Next, we’ll take time to review our experiences with Elana’s talks, and her new book.

Then, Robert Babish and John Knox will continue their series of current, short videos on assorted Truther topics, with discussion on each. They’ll have new chemtrail and new vaccination vids along with a creepy Christmas promotional video done by a company that disguises Cell Phone towers. Our Skype interview comes after that!

We’re working hard to get Austin Bennett on Skype, where you’ll have a chance to listen to and ask questions of the candidate for State Senator who’s running for Richard Pan’s seat in District 6, right in Sacramento.

If his schedule won’t permit that, we’ll have another well known activist to listen to and ask questions of. Terry Lawton, and Max Bliss are good friends of SkyWatch and are deeply informed on multiple issues. One of those will be our Plan B….not bad, right?

So come out to the UnUrban Coffee House this Saturday, 2pm to 5pm, and remember to patronize the UnUrban while you’re there. Pam provides us with access to a unique space and she sells healthy foods along with great fluoride-free coffee!

See you Saturday!

February 17, 2018
2pm – 4:30pm

UnUrban Coffee House
3301 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 315-0056