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Geoengineering and the Space Fence Lockdown

What is the Space Fence? Officially, it’s a few radar installations tracking space debris. But Elana Freeland will show that the Space Fence: Is actually an unprecedented control and surveillance network that monitors everything on Earth; Uses our atmosphere – geoengineered through chemtrails into a conductive plasma – as a basic tool; Is run by […]

Chemtrails Secret History Exposed – Deep State Eugenics Smoke Screen

#DEWSOS!! USA is Under Attack! CA Today, Your Town Tomorrow! #NIMBYNOMORE!

Pt. 2; 10-28-2018; Tropical Moisture Field Blanketed With Aerosols Prevents Precipitation In SW!


Weather Warfare In Plain Sight- Deborah Tavares

8-15-2018; Monsoonal Cumulonimbus Superheated By Microwave Transmitters; CA Remains Bone Dry

Why New Normal “Superfires” Burn Trees Only From the Inside

Incredible Proof! DEW Footage Ventura (St. Paula) County, CA Dec 2017

LA SkyWatch Co-Founder Speaks About Chris Haskell 6/16/18