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1-22-2019; Two Satellite-Generated Right Angles; Blockade Stopping All Incoming Moisture!


Chemtrails: Who Chuck Norris Wants to Roundhouse Kick to the Head

      This is Part 2 of the video that has been placed directly below this one…No, the spraying HAS NOT decreased since the Trump Administration; if anything the opposite.

Chemtrails Secret History Exposed – Deep State Eugenics Smoke Screen


BLAST WAVE SITE OF FIRES!!! #California #Wildfires #Camp Fire #DEW

LA SkyWatch presents Elana Freeland

This is a video of Elana’s talk given in Topanga Canyon on September 16, 2018

10-31-2018; Again, Heavy Aerosol Chemtrail Spraying Prevents Precipitation In California!

8-30-2018; Hurricane Norman Strengthens To CAT4; Miriam’s Water vapor Streaming Into So. CA Zero Rain

Big Anti Geoengineering Gathering in Santa Rosa Ca. 6/3/18