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Geoengineering and the Space Fence Lockdown

What is the Space Fence? Officially, it’s a few radar installations tracking space debris. But Elana Freeland will show that the Space Fence: Is actually an unprecedented control and surveillance network that monitors everything on Earth; Uses our atmosphere – geoengineered through chemtrails into a conductive plasma – as a basic tool; Is run by […]

Joseph Montgomery Speaks in Santa Monica

Joseph Montgomery returns again to shine his research light on the invisible technology that is harming our lives. In his part 1 presentation in November Joseph focused on nanotechnology and the environment and how its effecting our cities and homes with wi-fi networks and 5G. In part 2 this Saturday he will shine a light on […]

Robert Babish and Jamie Lee speak this Saturday at LA SkyWatch at 1:00 PM

Robert Babish and Jamie Lee speak this Saturday at the UnUrban Coffee House. Robert once again goes even deeper into topics he has discussed at earlier gatherings, but with new photographs and videos to present to us. Robert’s articulate and clear language offers us a deeper view of what is going on behind the media […]