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A New You is Coming – Like it or not! Talk/discussion by Elana Freeland


The Catastrophic Consequences Of Climate Engineering ( Dane Wigington Geoengineering Watch )

Carbon Dioxide “pollutant” DEBUNKED!

Chemtrails & the Bible


Soul-M: Stop chemtrails

CALIFORNIA UPDATE: First Raging Fires & Now A Huge Toxic Chemical Dump In Our Skies

9-24-2019; Giant Weather System Over Southwest Produces Zero Precipitation!

September LA SkyWatch Meeting – Be There!

Los Angeles SkyWatch returns to its roots in September! On Saturday, Sept 21st, Three Activist members: Robert Babish, John Graf and John Knox will team up to present their current observations and legitimate inferences about the new developments of solar geoengineering, weather modification and the synergistic connection between chemtrails and 5G. Tommy Teeple as a […]

Dane Wigington – Wildfires and Hurricanes all Part of Climate Manipulation